Healthy Homestyle Cooking

... for your busy life!

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Want to learn to cook?

Lost in the grocery store?

Struggling to plan weekly meals?

Hosting a holiday gathering?

Need tips and recipes for easy entertaining?

Whether it’s learning how to make a basic tomato sauce or entertaining for a crowd, I can help better your experience in the grocery store and in the kitchen. My easy going and patient personality will ensure teaching you all about cooking is an enjoyable experience. Lessons will be taught in your home where you’re most comfortable. Then share what you have learned with your family as you sit down to eat dinner. I arrive with supplies and groceries and all I need from you is a healthy appetite and a willingness to learn. Let me design a lesson based on your individual needs - email me and we can learn to master the kitchen together !!! 

  1. Bullet  Individual and Group classes available.

  2. Bullet  Group Cooking Parties with your friends are a great way to learn and have fun!

  3. Bullet  Shopping Excursions can teach you how to shop on a budget

  4. Bullet  Meal plan and pick out the freshest tasting food available.